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Meet Our Team

Dr. Murphy in Treatment Kennels

Dr. Shanna Murphy DVM  is the Owner and operator of Lincoln City Animal Clinic. Dr. Murphy was born in the wilds of Alaska on her family homestead. Her early years were spent raising and loving sled dogs. Shanna's love and passion for animals has been a life long pursuit. It shows by the way she cares for your pets.                                                    

Dr. John Emerson, DVM Retired

Dr. John Emerson DVM, has been in Veterinary Medicine for over 30 years. Along with his passion for both small and large animals he also has a passion for people as well. In between being at the Clinic, and taking farm calls, he is also a volunteer firefighter!   

Dr. Kriss Hoffman, DVM Retired

Dr. Kriss Hoffman DVM, is known as the one who can "calm the beast." Her extremely gentle approach to the animals makes them feel safe. "Little Red Dog" who is pictured above, is our office sweetheart. Whenever Dr. Hoffman is with a patient, "Little Red Dog" will be right around the corner ready to help if she is needed.

Dr. Meghan Brooks, DVM

Dr. Brooks has fond memories of visiting Lincoln City while growing up in nearby Dallas, Oregon.  She has spent the last 5 years working in Indiana as a large, small and exotics vet.  Meghan is a super smart, energetic and passionate doctor, whom we are fortunate to have in Lincoln City.   

Dr Fern Fashbaugh

                                                                  Dr. Fern Fashbaugh,  DMV

Sally Paul, Lead Receptionist

Sally is back!  She is one of the beloved long term crew here and we are so lucky to have her wonderful personality greeting our valued clients for over 15 years.  Sally is an amazing mom to a really cool kid, a coach, and friend to everyone.

Deb Dillon, Office Manager

Deb has been with Lincoln City Animal Clinic for over 20 years. Most patients remember her for her calming voice. When she has a moment, she enjoys gardening and her favorite color is purple. She loves working with animals because they all have their own unique personalities.

Jana Grahn, CVT

"I like that we get to be their voice, they cannot speak in words but they do tell us when they are hurting or sad. It just takes someone to listen. I'm glad that we get to be that part for them." - Jana Grahn

In her spare time, Jana is a fitness instructor, professional photographer, and enjoys being with her horses. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she enjoys the whole family gatherings.


Jesus Fajardo, Technician

Jesus moved to Lincoln City from California when he was 7 years old and have been living here ever since. Like most animal lovers, he used to bring home stray dogs or any animal that he found on the street trying to keep it. He now gets to work with animals and do what he enjoys the most. On his spare time, he also enjoy playing soccer, drawing, playing video games and watching movies. His favorite holiday is Christmas because of the atmosphere and the music. 


Cat Tech

                                                                                           Cat, Technician 


Noah Kennel Tech


                                                                          Brittany, Groomer